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Toipc statement: “Many women are still illiterate in our society.” Write an article in which you discuss the causes of this illiteracy as well as its effects both on the illiterate woman’s life,family and on the society as a whole.Provide also suggestions about what  the Moroccan gonvernment has done to improve women’s conditions in our country.


**********Women constitute a very important part of our society.Their contribution to the development of Morocco is valuable and so necessary.Many of them ,however,still face illiteracy because of many reasons.In this article,I will deal with some of the causes which have pushed women into the edge of ignorance and illiteracy.I will also deal with some effects of this phenomenon on these women’s personal life ,their families as well as on our society in general.In this article,I will also speak about some of the measures which the Moroccan government has taken to improve the life and the conditions of women in our society,and the areas in which more work is needed.

**********Many Moroccan women are illiterate for different reasons.To start with,in the near past these women didn’t have a chance to attend schools either because the school was far from them or because of their parents disapproval.A lot of parents do not yet recognise the importance of education.Hence ,Many of them still refuse to allow their daughters to go to school .Others also believe that education is going to destroy his daughter’s morals,and as a result the society will have a bad image of her ,and as a consequence ,she will have to face the undesirable consequences of being single all her life.Moreover,so many girls are really willing to continue their education,but; because the university or school is very far from their houses,they simply decide to drop out at an early age.

**********Material reasons are another factor which contributes to women’t illiteracy.Many families are poor and so they decide not to sent their duaghters to school as they can’t afford to deal with today’s increasing demands of education.They need for example tp pay for the registration,to buy books and other things and to pay all along the year for photocopies ,the internet and the cost of so many other activities.More girls are also obliged to leave school with a view to making it possible for their father to have enough money for the education of their brothers as the parents think that the son has more priority to schooling than the girl,who will get to have a husband and set a family at any cases.Add to this that many parents in rural areas tend to send their daughters to work in the city for the sake of helping the family with a few coins to face the demands of life.

**********The illiteracy of girls has its costs.Of course it goes without saying that the society as a whole will pay this price.The mother is the cornerstone of any society.Therefore,the society will never change without the mother’s education.How do we expect a mother to educate her children if she is illiterate.This of course will be a big hindrance to our society’s development since the more illiterate we have,the more difficult it becomes to cope with issues of education,poverty,environment etc….An illiterate mother is ,also, more likely  to grow illiterate children because the kids will see no reason in going to school as their mother cannot convince them of the utility of education.Beside this,an illiterate mother will always have to rely on others for her survival as she is not equiped with the necessary tools to deal with her own life.First she relies on her father as a girl and later she totally depends on her husband.An educated woman ,however,is usually independent and self-sufficient since she can easily get a job of her own.Another important effect which is directly related to illiteracy is that an illiterate woman finds it difficult to solve her own domestic conflicts.This might explain why so many of those women who face domestic violence are illiterate.

**********For the sake of improving the conditions of women in our society,the Moroccan government has recently launched a new family code.This new law has restricted the conditions under which a girl can get married giving her ,therefore, mor chances to girls to continue their education to later ages.Furthermore,now more and more primary and secondary schools have been built in remote areas ,and this has allowed it very possible for girls to finish at least their secondary schooling.A very effective strategy that has been adopted by the Moroccan government is that they help parents who send their children -including girls-to school with some life necessities such as oil,sugar….The eduaction of parents has also changed a lot in our society and ,as result, we see that so many of them are ready to let their daughters finish post secondary education.Another important factor that is contributing to the spread of women’s education is the big changes affecting people’s culture.Now,it’s no longer a shame when a girls goes to university or when she is in the middle of a group of boys at school.Many men also prefer to get engaged with an educated woman and this has pushed many of the parents and the daughters to go into school and get at least  a secondary education.

**********To sum up,there is no development while ignorance is spreading.A lot of women are still illiterate in our society and we are all responsible for putting an end to this situation.Many measures have been taken,and yet there are still many things to do so that we reach an illiteracy-free society.



**********Education is important for having a good development in our society.But,manu Moroccan women suffer from illiteracy.I my essay,I will speak about some cuases and effects of this phenomenon.I will also provide some solutions.

**********First,women’s illiteracy has a great impact on the social lives of Moroccan women.Moroccan women in the past didn’t have the same chances to education as men did.This preveted many women from being literate.Moreover,poverty is abasic factor that prevents women from gong to school.Many families are poor an as a result they can’t send their girls to school.Also ,because of the traditions of the Moroccan families especially in the countryside ,people prefer to find a husband for their duaghter to sending her to school.This is also because many parents are illiterate and they don’t know the benefits of an educated woman.Moreover, an important reason for this phenomenon is the lack of infrastructure.Many places didn’t even have primary schools in the past. In sum; Moroccan women didn’t have a good chance to literacy.

**********A lot of Moroccan women live in the consequences of illiteracy. Firstly,Moroccan women cannot have the same opportunities to get jobs becuase they can’t do the same jobs which men do like working in buildings and driving tracks etc.. because of their illiteracy. Beside this ,since women are illiterate,they don’t know their rights .As a result, they can’t defend themselves. Add to this the fact that an illiterate woman doesn’t have the freedom to voice her own choices for example about her own marrtiage.They can’t choose their husnband ;but, it’s the father who chooses him.In brief ,Moroccan women are victims of poverty and illiteracy.

**********Neverthesless,in the last few years the Moroccan government is doing a great job to erradicate illiteracy.Non-formal education is the best way to fight illiteracy.The Moroccan government is working on the education of women especially in mosques.Besides, non-governmental organisations are doing a good job to fight illiteracy like helping in building more schools ,giving the teachers and providing the education of women with easier programmes.The Moroccan government is doing a lot to erradicate illiteracy.

**********In the end,educated women are the power of the society,and they are an asset to achieve sustainable development.


**********More than ever before women are becoming more successful in a variety of domains.But,most women suffer from illiteracy.In my article,I wll discuss the reasons and the effects of this phenomenon.I will also talk about some solutions which our government has done to limit this problem.

**********There are a lot of girls who leave school at an early age for a lot of reasons.First,the family is poor. As a result, they don’t have enough money to send their daughters to school. Parents also think that the role of women is in the house;she must serve her husband and take care of her children.Tha’s whynshe must be a good wife .In addition,parents can’t send their girls to university because there are some  stereotypes like believing that girls go to university to have friends and they travel to do bad things.

**********Illiteracy is a very big obstacle which prevents women from having a good life.Women can’t take good decisions about their life.We also find that the childrenof an uneducated mother are more likely to be illiterate than those of an educated one. This is because an illiterate mother cannot help her children with their school exercises and works.Another major efect of illitearcy is that women can’t do simple things in her life. For instance they can’t even make a phone call.These sorts of women always depend on thier husbands or fathers in their lives.In sum, an uneducated woman can’t participate in the development of her society.

**********To limit this phenomenon,we must look for some serious solutions. We should think about the role of the government and the involvement of the civic society. Organisations and associations should ,for example, sensitise women to the importance of education.Moreover, the government improve the quality of instructions and  women’s lives.The governemnt should create ,for instance, programmes to fight illiteracy for women who left school at an early age or for those who never attended school.In brief, we are all responsible ;so we must struggle against illiteracy.

**********Finally,I advise women to be serious and honest about their dreams.They should understand that when they have will ,they can achieve all their dreams.


**********Women are the lifeblood of any society.They are the important part of any community.In the past most Moroccan women didn’t have the cvhance to express their voices.Yet,now they can say what they think because they are educated. In the past women face illiteracy for many reasons.

**********First,women in our society suffered from illiteracy because in the past only the father could take decisions about his girl’s life. Consequently, she was not allowed to go to schol because the father thought that her place was to saty at home.Other women didn’t have the chance to attend school either because the scchoolwas far from her house or becuase of the parents’ disapproval.A lot of people ,also, refuse to allow their daughters to go to school for many other reasons.Many of the ignorant fathers believed that an educated woman couldn’t have the respect for her husband. As a result, they just didn’t allow her to attend school.

**********Secondly,most people in traditional societies believe that the woman is a machine which gives birthto children. So, they believed that her place is only the houce ,keeping animals,cooking and taking care of her children.As a result ,the society didn’t encourage women to go to school ,and the man had complete power to control the oman’s life. Another big reason behind the illiteracy of our women is the tradition of early marriages.In the past girls in our community used to get married early.

**********Fianllay,women today are the lifeblood of the country ,and the family should encourage their girls to attend school and find a job after graduation.Today; also, because women are educated they do different jobs.So if we give the women a chance,they can do their best to be like men.


**********Women are the lifeblood of every coubtry.They are the most active and hard-working for the development of their state.But,lots of women suffer from illiteracy which results in segregation from society.In this essay,I will talk about the causes  of the illiteracy of women.

**********Many women went under  family and social problems.We find some reasons which prevented women inthe past from being involved in society .For example,many parents refused to allow their daughters to be educated.We can explain that  by the fact that many of these parents were also illiterate and ignorant.Besides, there were other parents who didn’t encourage their daughters to go to school.Further,only the man controled the house.As a result , the woman’s responsibility is only to work inside the house and had the right to take decisions ,and the woman didn’t have the right to express her views.For instance,the traditions obliged her to stay at home because people believed that women should take care of kids,cook food for the family and wash the clothes.

**********If we help women today ,they can create a nice world,full of happiness and bless because there are some women who have achieved higher jobs such as presidents,ministers,singers and teachers.

**********Finally,in my view, I think that women are our mothers,sisters and aunts.We should help them to achieve their dreams.


**********Alot of women in our country suffer from illiteracy for a lot of reasons.In my article;I will speak about the cuases of illiteracy, and how education is important in our lives.

**********A large number of girls till do not enjoy the pleasure of going to school.First,a lot of families suffer from poverty and they can’t buy what their duaghters need in their education.This is the reason why they send them to work instead.Also, another important cause is the beliefs of a lot of people as the think that the place of girls is their house  ,and they don’t need to be educated for cooking or cleaning the house.Moreover,the ignorance of the parents is another big reason behind the illiteracy of girls since they don’k believe that education is important.Beside this,many people in our culture have stereotypes about educated girls.They think that the girl has to stay at home waiting for a husband to get married to.

**********The women who suffer from illiteracy can’t participate actively in the development of their country because they can’t read or write.Beside this,they don’t know how to look after their homes.Moreover, they can’t have jobs as they are illiterate.

**********Education is important in our life.Girls must be educated.Also,educated girls will know how to look aftertheir homes and children.An educted woman ,likewise, will participate actively in the development of the country,and they can earn money and contribute to the welfare of their families.


**********The majority of women in Morocco are illiterate.This phenomenon appeared because of many reasons and it leads to a lot of effects.So,what are the measures taken to limit this phenomenon?

**********A lot of women in our country are illiterate because of many cuaes.First,many families are poor ;as a result,the parents decide to keep their daughters at home.Other parents believe that it’s better to send girls to work in the city in order to improve their social conditions rather than sending them to school.There are laso some people in our society who believe that women’s duty is to stay at home and the traditional roles of cooking,taking care of the children and some animals if the family has them.Many girls,however, want to go to school;but, the schools are far from them.In short women are living in difficult conditions.

**********Illiterate women in our country suffer from some difficulties.For instance,they can’t solve their problems at home and also outisde their houses in their real life.Beside this,since they are illiterate ,they can’t help their children and ,for this reason,the children face difficulties at school.Furthermore,whenan illiterate woman is married,she usually faces problems within her family.

**********To decrease the intensity of this phenomenon ,the responsibles have taken serious measures.First,the associations in our country are active partners in making our life better.As an example,they give opportunities to both girls and boys to attend school by offering school buses.They also distribute some bags.The Moroccan government laos has launched a programme of fighting illiteracy.Many women now go to the mosque in order to learn how to read and write.

**********In sum,to succeed in life,we need colmlmaboration with others.I mean;we need women’s participation in the development of our community.

ESSAYS FROM DIFFERENT STUDENTS ON ” Young people and addiction”.


**********Young poeple can become more active and effective members of our society if they are properly valued.But,addiction plays a big role in the distruction of young people.So,in this article I will write about some types of addiction.Besides, I will give some solutions to help them to change their way of living.

**********Addiction is a bad habit.As an example,when someone has problems in his life ,he starts drinking and smoking because he thinks these are the best ways to forget his problems.The victims of this addiction are generally young and poor people because they are illiterate.Furthermore,youth are suffering allover the world from joblessness.As  a result,this pushes them to certain bad habits such as drinking or smoking.Also bad friendship  leads to taking up smoking or using drugs.Young people who suffer laso from family problems such as divorce or conflicts within the family are more likely to get addicted to drugs.

**********Youth are optimistic.For this reason,we should empower them and make their social conditions better.Education is the best way to keep young people away from drugs and addiction. School ,laso, keeps young people from bad places. And it gives youth the chance to become good citizens.

**********In sum,young people dream of a better future.For this reason,they must work and study hard.They should care about themselves and their competences.


**********Young people are an important goft of any society;they are the present and the future of this society.Yet,so many of them are addicted.In my essay,I will speak about some causes and solutions to this phenomenon.

**********Some youth suffer from problems in the family like divorce or conflicts between parents.So,they start smoking and sniffing glue as they contend that this the way to resolve their problems .Moreover,other youth drink alcohol since they imitate the bad friends who are lost in their life.Besides,they waste too much of their fre time in playing games or chatting.So many oung people are also addicted to internet games.

**********We must help young people to find solutions for their problems.For example, we can help them by giving them advice and guidance to know how they can spend their time properly.


**********Young people represent the most active and vital group of people in our society’s development.But,we find that a  lot of young people suffer from addiction.In my eesay, I will talk about the different types of addiction fwhich young people face.I will laso provide some solutions which we can use to prevent this phenomenon.

**********Adiiction is different from one person to anotherFor exmaple,some people are addicted to smoking,others to watching TV and still others to drinking ,chatting or playing internet games.These addiction types happen because of many reasons.First, we have social problems like joblessness and poverty.A person who doesn’t have a job will live in poverty,and they try to find something which helps them to forget their problems.On another part ,we find that family problems which pushes children to deliquency and addiction.Divorced partents cannot control their children and take care of them.They can’t also know their children’s friends because bad friends are a the fisrt step to addiction.In brief, young people are the lifebllod of our society.We must  solve their issues and make them responsible people.

**********We must find some ways to stop the addiction of youngg people.We should have practical solutions like providing good learning environments.Communication between parents and school is crucial for protecting children and to find solutions to their problems.Moreover,it is very important to sensitize children to the dangers of addiction.It is also very interesting to give young people a chnace to participate in  civic society in order to fill their time.Young people need our help for a brighter future.

**********Finally,addiction is very dangerous.We should make an end to it and keep young people active members of our society.


1- FROM AHMED ELKHAMOUYE ON “Tolerance and Democracy“.

**********Every human society in the world has different values.These are the most important things in our life,like tolearnce,responsibility,creativity etc….So,in this article, I will speak about the importance of tolerance and democracy in our society.

**********Tolerance is an important value.It means the respect of other people regardless of their differences.First,tolerance creates communication between people,which results in understanding and respect.And this is what makes peace possible.As a result,the people work for the development of their country.

**********Democracy is a capital value.It means the adoption of equality in dealing with people. Democracy produces equalty and respect between people.This leads to confidence and cooperation.As a rsult,the peopel work for the welfare and prosperity of their community.

**********All in all,we can conclude that tolerance and democracy are very important values in our society.

2-From Soumia Elaarife on “young people”.

**********Young people are the most important group in our society.They are the source of knowledge and power.That’s why we should help them and empower them to become strong citizens.

**********The best solution to make young people strong is through educational ways.In the beginning,we should advise them.Besides,we have to listen to them and respect their views about life.Finally,education can change youth to become better.

*********The political life can also make young people powerful.First,we should give them the right to vote in elections,and to create some political parties.Moreover,it’s obligatory to give them the chance to participate in associations.

********** Finally,young people are necessary in our social life.

3-FROM NAWAL RAZZOUK ON”how to empower young people”

**********Young people are the lifeblood of our society.They are also the present and the future of our country.So,how can we empower them?

**********First,there are some educational ways to make youth’s life easy.We should encourage them to go to school,and create a good atmosphere of learning.For example,there should be respect between students of the same class and students of other classes.Later,we must devise school activities ,for instance,sports activities and presentations.

**********We should provide young people with some facilities on the socio-economic side.First,we must give them jobs,and help them to set up projects.Also,we should give them advice and finance to prove their competencies.Later,we ought to allow them to voice their opinions.

***********Unfortunately,the responsibles in our country don’t take care of young people.So,the responsibles must look to improve youth’s assets because they are the cornerstone of this country.

4-FROM Sabah Ait Elhashmi on “Values”

**********Values are important things in our life and those things that really matter to each of us.We can’t imagine life without values such as cooperation,respect,community….So,in this text,I atttempt to speak about hard work,love between people and ecological awareness.

**********To begin with,one of the major goals of schools has always been to affect the values,habits and social behaviour of students.Among the values is hard work.First,hard work is the source of advancement and development.Also,if everyone gets to work hard especially in school we will be successful in our life,we will improve the quality of learning and studying.Moreover,by working hard we are assuming our responsibilities;that is to say we  are doing our obligations towards our society.As a result,the society will be prosperous.

**********Another important value is ecological awareness.It’s advising people to stop polluting our environment.First,people are the cause of the degradation of  the planet because they through away waste wherever they want and spoil the beauty of of the environment.Consequently,the industries and the polluted places lead to different problems such as cancer,headaches and other diseases.The most dangerous result is the hole in the ozone layer because it will be wider and bigger as a consequence of the destruction of the planet.Bur if we respect our environment by using the solar energy and by burning the rubbish our planet will be safe and without pollution.

**********We can’t imagine  a society without these values.And the lack of these values will lead to the jungle law.


**********For many years we have different values,like echological awareness,hard-work and respect , in our society.In this articles,I will discuss the importance of ecological awareness and harwork in our life.

**********Hard work is a very important value in our society.It creates confidence between people .Hardwork also leads to resposibility.But,if we don’t have hardwork in our life,we will not have good relations between people.As a result,we will have conflicts and violence.So, hard work is a way to live n peace and respect.

**********Ecological awareness is a great value.It creates the spirit of cooperation between people to make out environment beautiful and very clean.That makes us feel comfortable and live a happy life.But,without this value in our society,we will live in many problems and diseases.So,ecological awareness is very important in our society.

**********Values are so interesting to have.Without values we cannot live a happy life.

6-FROM Sabah on “Women’s roles”

**********The word feminism means being committed to defend women’s rights,and securing opportunities equal to those of men.In this text,I attempt to speak about and compare between women’s roles and conditions both in the past and the present.

**********Women have witnessed a lot of changes and progress at home.First, in the past,our mothers and grandmothers were not educated.That is to say,women in our country were illiterate and they didn’t have the chance to attend school.Contrary to this,most women didn’t have the right to give their opinions like participating in decision making at home especially in the domain of marriage.Now,however,most women can say what they think and what they want because the development and progress.Also,women can share in taking decisions in the family about their children.In sum,women’s roles have changed a lot.

**********What about women’t roles at work?In the past,women didn’t have any work outside home;they used to work only at home.They were hardworking housewives.It was alwys the woman’s job to provide those necessities of life like cooking and washing.But,at least for many women in our country there has been some progress.Most women get where they are by working very hard in all domains,for example policewomen and pilots.Consequently,women can participate in the development of our country.In conclusion,women’s life at work has changed a lot.

**********Another domain in which women have changed a lot is politics.Now,women can participate in politics by taking part in associations,voting in elections and participating in parties.Moreover,they have freedom of expressing their opinions especially in the things which concern their lives,and which affect them.Yet,in the past women couldn’t participate in any decision making at society in general.In sum,women’s role at work has changed a lot.

**********Women’s roles and conditions have become better if we compare the present and the past.They have achieved many of their rights like the freedom to get a job outside home and the freedom of expression.

7- FROM “HASSAN Khaddouchi” on “Women’s roles”

**********Women are the base of society.They the development of the country.So,in this topic ,I will compare between women’s conditions both in the past and the present.

**********Women’s roles have changed a lot at work.In the past,women were satisfied with work at home,but now many women have jobs.However,there are not many women in the highest jobs.And even if they work,they usually have more responsibility for the children than the father.Yet,today many people say that men and women are going to be equal.Beside this, in the past women didn’t have the chance to go to work.Now,women participate actively in the development of society.

**********In sum,women’s life at work has changed  a lot.This has improved women’s situation in society.


**********Values are the most important things in our life . Ithink we can’t imagine life without values .In this essay i will speak about the importance of values like tolerance,cooperationand solidarities.

********** Firstly,tolerance means accepting others with their differences.Also, tolerance is a way to live in peace .But if we don’t have it we can live in conflits and war like Palestine and Iraq.Morover, when you tolerate a person that makes you logical and self-controlled in your activities . Consequently, tolerance leads to social justice.

********* Secondly,cooperation is a way to make our country succeed. For example,when student cooperate in class they will exchange ideas with each other. But if they don’t cooperate and everyone keeps his ideas to himself,they will not go to the best. Besides, cooperation is important to make our country strong and succeed.

**********Finally, values are important for us in our life. Because they give us a chance to live in a comfortable life and peace.


**********Moroccan women’s roles and conditions have changed in all spheres like at home and at work.In my essay,I will speak about the changes in Moroccan women’s lives.

**********Women’s roles and conditions have changed.First,in the past women used to prepare food,wash the dishes and the clothes and take care of their children.But,today they can do these roles with another job outside home.Besides,in the past they suffered from violence, discrimination.Yet,now there’s less violence.In sum,in the past ,they didn’t have freedom to do what they wanted.But,in the present they have freedom of choice.

**********Women’s roles and conditions at work have changed also.First,women were illiterate.As a result,they couldn’t get jobs,and their only goal was to get a family.Nevertheless,now they are literate and the first aim they have is to get a job.Further,they have competence in all domains.

**********Moroccan women’s life has changed.In my view the goal of women is very important to development and organisation in Morocco.

10-FROM SABAH AIT ELHACHMI ON “Science and Technology”.

**********Science and technology have changed our lives.Technology has both a positive and a negative side.So, what are the advantages and drawbacks of science and technology?

**********Technology plays important roles in our lives.First, it makes our education easier and better.For example, we can use the internet to learn more information about different domains.That’s to say ,it helps us to improve the quality of learning.Moreover, the school laboratories make theories in textbooks real.Second,the means of transportation have made our travel easier,quicker and more comfortable.For example,in the past, people used to travel by carts pulled by animals.But now they use cars and airplanes.In addition,science and technology help us to communicate with others:We can chat and speak directly with other people from far places in the world.Beside this,technology develops our society,for instance ,the quality and quantity of products are becoming better.In sum,technology has made our life better.

**********In spite of its advantages,technology has a lot of drawbacks.The most serious is its pollution.That is to say ,transportation pollutes our air,water and soil by the fumes and rubbish.Besides,technology is a cause of unemployment.For example,a robot can do the work of the people.In addition,”DVD piracy over the internet could extend to books”.That is to say,DVD pirates take the new music,films or books in the internet.As a result,they kill the invention of other people.Also,the internet minimizes the customers and the readers of books.In brief,science and technology have very dangerous effects.

*********In conclusion,technology is dangerous.Yet,we can’t live without it,and we can’t also stop the scientific research which are very important for the life of humanity.


The story is in response to an exam question.SEE THE WRITING QUESTION IN THE EXAM OF 2009 HERE: exam 2009

**********Last year, I participated with a lot of students of my school in one voluntary work.This work was acompaign tostop smoking. So , in my assay will speak about what happened in this compaign.?

**********First, the activity was in the World Day Against Smoking. All student of may school participated in this compaign . We visited all villages of Tinghir . This compaign interests youth in general because , they don’t know the drawbacks of smoking.That’s why they go to smoking as due to their problems .I participated in this work for the reason that when you contribute in this works that means you are a good citizen.

**********Second, when i participated in this work I feel that I am a good citizen.Moreover, in this compaign ,I knowa lot ofthingssuch as drawbaks of smoking and a lot for addiction .Also i knew how to persuaded people to stop smoking. Persnally, I learned a lot from this compaign.

**********In sum , i advise youth and peaple who smokin ti stop it .Because , he is very Dangerous to human health .Also , we for the contry to orgnized such compaign For sensitization peaple so as to stopting this phenomenon.


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4*Edit/revise your essay and correct punctuation,spelling,grammar and capitals before you send it to me!

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12- AN ESSAY ON “THE CAUSES and EFFECTS OF SMOKING” from Lamia Bouzid-A teacher:

Unit 3: Gifts of Youth

Topic: Write an article to your school magazine about why some students take up smoking and what effect this can have on their lives.

**********There have been a lot of campaigns against cigarette smoking communicating that this vice causes death, yet young people, especially students still take up smoking and stick to this bad habit. So, why do some students take up smoking and what effects can this have on their lives?

**********Some students take up smoking for several reasons. First, they think it’s cool. They do so because they find it enjoyable, but once they start smoking, they keep wanting it and so they can become addicted to it. Second, most of these students claim that smoking enables them to cope with stress. But, in fact, research has proven that nicotine is a stimulant and will not help them to relax. Finally, peer pressure or the desire to be accepted by certain peer groups who smoke cigarettes is probably the main reason why students take up smoking. For many students, these reasons made cigarette smoking appear more alluring to them and therefore they take up smoking trying to ignore its negative consequences.

**********Actually, smoking has pernicious effects not only on students’ health, but also on their school performance. Besides the short-term consequences of smoking, such as bad breath, yellow teeth and reduced sports performance, it has long-term consequences. For example, it causes health problems, such as emphysema, high blood pressure and various forms of cancer. Indeed, smoking is considered to be the major cause of cancer mortality. As for students’ performance in school, research has proven the fact that smokers do not perform well in school. They are passive and less motivated than non-smokers. In addition, they can’t perform well at sports’ activities. Furthermore, they have little hope of continuing their studies and they prefer to look for a job to support their smoking habit. No less important is the fact that most smokers begin experimenting with alcohol and other drugs in order to free themselves from the pressure of their parents and school. These are only some out of many other effects that cigarette smoking can have.

**********In conclusion, giving up smoking is the best thing students can do to improve their health and achieve better school results. In fact, there are no magic solutions for quitting smoking, but “when there is a will, there is a way” .


**The topic sentence is an essential part of a well-written paragraph. The topic sentence introduces the topic and states the main ideas. It is the most general sentence in a paragraph.

**Supporting sentences/details: support or explain the idea expressed in the topic sentence.

**The concluding sentence summarizes the information that has been presented.

13- AN ESSAY ON “THE CAUSES and EFFECTS OF ILLITERACY” from Lamia Bouzid-A teacher:

**********Nowadays, illiteracy is one of the most serious problems in our country. This phenomenon has pernicious effects not only on people but on society and development as well. In this article, I will outline some causes and effects of illiteracy.

**********Illiteracy has increased considerably due to poverty. In fact, when parents don’t have a fixed job or earn a low income, they can’t afford to send their children to school. As a consequence, they make their children work with them. Thus, they grow up to be unskilled adults trapped in poorly paid jobs and they are also supposed to supplement the family’s income. For this reason, children cannot build their own families and, therefore, lead a miserable life the same as their parents.

**********Another cause of illiteracy is that schools, especially in rural areas are situated far from houses, which makes it impossible for some children to receive basic education. Moreover, the boarding schools in our country are very few and the ones that exist cannot absorb the increasing number of students. More important perhaps is that boarding schools are not well-equipped, which make them less attractive for students who ultimately decide to leave school. When they do so, they do not find suitable jobs because they lack basic education and work skills. Thus, most of them become delinquents and create more problems for our society. As a result, the country is considered as an under-developed one due to the high percentage of adult illiteracy.

**********To sum up, illiteracy is a real obstacle to development. Hence, the government should take urgent efficient measures that can help in eradicating illiteracy. The government should create job opportunities and raise salaries so that people can send their children to school. It should sensitize parents and children about the importance of schooling. NGOs can also play an active role in raising people’s awareness to the importance of education.

Thanks teacher Lamiaa for the essay.It’s interesting.

14- A NARRATIVE ESSAY ON “A VOLUNTARY ACTIVITY I PARTICIPATED IN” from Fanny Ratamar-A teacher from Urugway:

**********The stop smoking Campaign on the World Day Against Smoking was really beneficial. All the students of my school participated in this campaign, I participated in this wonderful campaign because for me contributing in this kind of activities means you are a good citizen. Two things from the Stop Smoking Campaign surprised me.

**********Firstly, I was surprised to know that many people do not know about the drawbacks of smoking. It was interesting to see the way they dress. How is it possible that in the year 2009 when there are many campaign against smoking and so many advertising against it, there are people who are not aware of the damage that it can cause to our health. As a result, it was really interest to talk about the damages it causes to the health, as many youth were interested in hearing us.

**********Secondly, when participating in this campaign we also learned why some people smoke. A lot of them claim that it is just an addiction. Sadly many of them turn to smoking to escape from their problems. They feel that smoking helps them to relax because according to them it reduces anxiety. We told them they should take up more exercises. In our campaign we tried to persuade this kind of people to give up.

**********To sum up, In my opinion the Smoking Campaign Day was really wonderful, not only because all of us felt proud to participate in it but also because we have reached many people.. And now maybe we have to work on how to help people reduce anxiety and make more campaign like this here in our country to help people become aware of how dangerous smoking is.


**********”Aid Almawlid” is one of the anniversaries of the Muslim people.Also, it is the celebration of the birthday of the Prophet “MOHAMED”(the Messenger of God). And of course every area has its special way of celebrating. We always celebrate it every year in Tinghir,exactly in Afanour area. So in this article I will talk about some of what women and men in Afanour area do in this celebration?

**********Somebody’s house is the place where women in Afanour area meet every year with a view to celebrate the Prophet’s birthday. But, every year they change from a house to another. Moreover, they appoint the women who will cook and bring couscous, tea and some sweets to that house. And some times they meet in the place which is reserved for women in the mosque. Besides, the women meet three or four times in this celebration. After this, they go to “Aftis” to visit “Igramn” (the Saints, who died a long time ago) ,and they put some gifts beside their graves, such as money, wheat and some dresses because the women of our area believe in what their ancient people said about the Saint people. So, all of this is just part of our traditions.

**********Men have a better part of traditions than women in Tinghir.Men always go to the mosque on the first day of this celebration. And they have couscous, tea and sweets like women. But all of this is not enough for men.They organize some lessons related to our religion, of course with the help of the association,for instance, questions and the Quraan reciting. Moreover, men in this celebration help the poor people by giving them some money. Nonetheless, men don’t share the same opinions on the Saints “Igramn” with women.

**********In brief, all people celebrate “Agdoud” in different ways. But all of them have the same purpose which is the worship of God.

BRAHIM: That’s good Soufian.Compare your essay with this corrected version.You have some mistakes.

16-AN EXPOSITORY ESSAY FROM « Sanfi Soufian ».I have

slightly modified it.On the causes and effects of ”brain drain”

**********Brain drain or human capital flight is one of the serious problems which the thirds world countries suffer from for many years. This phenomenon means the emigration of professionals and talented people from their original country to other places for many reasons. So, in this article I will outline the reasons which make these skilled people leave their country. I will also talk about some of its effects on the developing countries.

**********First, there are a lot of reasons which make people leave their country to developed countries. Many of them emigrate so as to change their living situation. Many of these professionals are suffering from lack of opportunities and weak salaries in their native countries.In the host countries, however, there are many appealing jobs and opportunities. So many other skilled people emigrate because in their countries they can’t find research opportunities and funding. So they decide to leave their country

to places where they can get money for their research. Many people in developing countries have suffered from conflicts, segregation or violence in their countries. They are, therefore, obliged to leave to other more secure places. This is, for example, what has happened recently in Iraq. Many Iraqi scientists have left their countries to the West in order to secure a peaceful and better future for their children.

**********Secondly, brain drain has some negative effects on the countries where the migrants emigrate from. For example, lack of professionals, skills and smart people leads to underdevelopment in many domains.The emigration of doctors, for example, creates many problems in the domain of health. Without doctors we will not be able to control the spreading diseases in our country. Lack of engineers also will cause many problems in the industrial and economic domains; we will therefore rely on importing skills from foreign countries.

**********In sum, brain drain is a huge problem. Our government has to take measures in order to limit this bad migration. Some people, however, believe that brain drain might have positive effects. These people argue that those emigrants may help their countries by their skills, knowledge and expertise.

17-THIS ESSAY IS FROM ONE OF MY EX-STUDENTS: ‘’ Ghita Elmountasser”. International Organizations.

**********Firstly, an international organization refers to a group of people who are forming an association in order to achieve a certain purpose on the international level. Some of these organizations are governmental, others are non-governmental. These organizations play important roles in the world. In my essay I will speak about

some of these international organizations and their roles.

**********International organizations have a very important role in the world. They play different roles in different domains. For example, some of these organizations work on the social level. The UNICEF N, for instance, aims at protecting and providing relief to children wherever they are in the world. The UNICEF interferes mainly in places where children are suffering from poverty, famine…; in other words, it interferes in disaster zones like in Afghanistan, Iraq, Palestine….Besides, the Red Cross is also a humanitarian organization. This non-governmental organization

helps the victims of disasters. It gives these victims food, shelter and medicines.

**********In the environmental sphere, there are many organizations which work to make our planet safer and cleaner. There is, for example, the UNEP, the United Nations Environment Program, which works to limit the effects of pollution on our planet.

It also helps countries to find solutions to environmental issues. Likewise,the Green Peace, a non-governmental organization, defends the environment and the wildlife-animals and plants. It has very active members who are always fighting to oblige countries to respect and protect our world.

**********In the domain of health, we can speak about the international World Health Organization. This organization is a governmental one. It helps countries find cures and solutions to epidemics. It also interferes in places where there is an outbreak

of a dangerous disease. This organization also helps poor countries with some medicines related to severe diseases.

***********There are so many others which work in other domains. The Security Council for example is a political organization. Also, the International Court of Justice works in the domain of justice. It aims at solving disputes and conflicts between the world countries. World Trade Organization works, also, in the

domain of trade and business. It aims mainly at making the business relations between countries better. It also helps countries to solve trade disputes and problems.

**********These are only examples of some international organizations. There are plenty of them of course; and they work in all the domains which are related to human activities.


18-A GREAT ESSAY FROM”Mohamed Bissi” on “sustainable development”.

This is an example of a letter to the editor.

1-Introduction: say what you want to write about + why?

2-Body:2/3 paragraphs.

**Discuss one point/one main idea in each paragraph.

**Use a topic sentence for each paragraph.

**Use linking words to move from one sentence to another.

3-Conclusion: Summarize your ideas+ give an opinion+ give advice on the issue you are talking about…..



Morocco Daily

News Magazine.

122 Hay Salam.


Dear editor,


am so concerned about our state of the world today. For this reason I am writing this article about ”sustainable development”,which is everyone’ concern today.It is referred to as growth of our social,economic and environmental spheres ,and preserving all aspects of our life not only for the sake of our present,but also for our future generations.So,how can we achieve sustainable development?And what should we do to promote it?

**********Everyone should be responsible and interested in sustaining development.Initailly, as the world stands in front of the issues related to climate change, we should be environmentally conscious and teaching others to be responsible for their world, otherwise, we will have continue to suffer from the effects of our actions such as the damage threatening the ozone layer and the extinction of some animals

and wildlife species.

**********People would better take part in sustainable development. First of all, because population continues to increase widely day after day, we ought to use resources wisely and we shouldn’t squander them. In this way we can meet the needs of the present and also hand a better world to the next generations. Third, we must create other sources of renewable energies like the solar energy. Last people are supposed to set up some NGOs which help in solving our environmental issues

as well as developing our society both socially and economically.

**********The governments allover the world should make big efforts to sustain development.Firstly, the state should guide and help people on how to achieve sustainable development. This can happen by supporting NGOs, and encouraging youth to participate in developmental projects. Moreover, the government has to respect the views which are given be these NGO s and associations about development and environment.

*********In sum,if we want to promote sustainable development, we should work together and abide by our mutual obligations. The government, organizations and individuals should work together in order to make our world a better place to live in and to hand it to the future generations in the best possible way.

This essay is written by Mohamed Bissi. One of my ex-students.

19-AN ESSAY FROM LATIFA ABDEDDINE ON “sustainable development”.




May 29th 2010.

The New York Times.

New York

Dear editor,

**********I am very happy to write to your magazine about how to promote a sustainable world. And I hope that this piece of information will benefit your readers.

**********Sustainable development is the integration of social, economic and environmental dimensions of development. So, in this essay I will discuss how to promote a sustainable world on the personal, community and national levels.

**********In my opinion, the personal level has an important role to play in sustainable development.Every person can do this by participating in NGOs and cleaning the environment by reducing waste. Also, people can create personal projects in different domains. Moreover, we should educate and inform others about the benefits of sustainable development.

**********In addition, the community has a basic role in sustainable development. For instance, people should use natural resources wisely. We should not waste water and energy. Also, we

should use renewable energies like solar energy. Moreover people should cooperate and work with others in order to make our world a better place to live in.

**********Furthermore, the national level plays an important role in sustaining development. For example, the government should solve problems like unemployment by providing job opportunities. The government, also, should try to introduce some reforms

on the social and economic level like in education and agriculture.

**********In sum, I think that sustainable development should be each and everyone’s concern. I hope my article will be published as soon as possible.

Yours sincerely,

Latifa Abdeddine.

20-A WONDERFUL ESSAY FROM FATIMA ATIWA ON “sustainable development”.



May 6th 2008.

Assabah Magazine.


Dear editor,

**********In the last issue of your magazine someone asked an interesting question which is about what we must do to promote a sustainable world. In my article, I will suggest some proceedings which help to achieve a sustainable world.

**********To promote a sustainable world there are some measure on the personal level. For instance, every person should world hard and should be responsible in order to protect our world. Furthermore, individuals and groups should create personal projects and help others by giving them jobs. Besides, individuals should be aware of the damage we cause top our planet. Therefore, we should try to limit our waste and garbage. In this way we can sustain an economic and social development.

*********On the community level, our society has also an interesting role to attain sustainable development. For instance, people should use resources (water, electricity,oil…) wisely in order to hand a better world to the next generation. In addition, we shouldn’t pollute our environment because pollution has dangerous effects. Likewise, people must try to solve the social problems they have and cooperate with others.

**********On the national level, the government has the role of giving a good education to people. An illiterate society can’t work to achieve sustainable development. Moreover,It should provide good working conditions. This includes good salaries, insurance and working conditions in general. Likewise, the government

has to insure that factories, groups and individuals are protecting the environment and that they are not squandering resources.

*********Finally,I hope that the information I have presented will be published in your next issue magazine. I am sure it will help your readers to be conscious of our environmental issues.

FROM FATIMA ATIWA .Slightly modified.

download essay1 here:This is an example of a letter to the editor on “sustainable development”

download essay2 here:letter to the editor on “sustainable development”

download essay3 here:A LETTER TO EDITOR


**********Because of its importance, education is one of the basic rights for all humanity allover the world. Also, it is the cornerstone of any country’s development. So, what are the roles of education on the social and economic levels of our life?

**********First, with its importance, education has some social roles.It makes communication between people easier. So, all the problems will be solved peacefully without any conflicts. Besides, the literate people can make right decisions and choices about his/her life. In addition to this, criticizing the world around us becomes easier and normal with a good literacy and education.

**********Second, education has also some economic roles in our

life. It helps people, for example, to have favorable jobs. Without education,it is very difficult to get a job these days. An educated person has different choices concerning jobs; he/she can work in many different domains. As a consequence, he/she can make personal projects and invests his/her money. That is to say, he/she

will employ other people with him/her. As a result, unemployment will decrease and of course our society will develop as a result.

**********To summarize, we have to say that education touches every part of our life. Without it we will remain stagnant, underdeveloped and we will die slowly.

From Chakira Elgourti(2008-2009)

21- A great FILM REVIEW from »Sabah Ait Elhashemi ».

**********“I am Sorry Father” is a Moroccan social film. This film is directed by “Aziz Salmi”.The film stars Rashid Elouali, Hanan Ibrahimi, Susan Enlin and Aicha Mahmah.

**********This film speaks about the story of a young man, Khalid ( Rashi Elouali), who finished his studies and decided to emigrate to France in order to have a good job. When he arrived in France he married a French woman who is Evelin,Susan Evelin. They had children, a daughter and a son.They are Salima (Laila Lhajmi) and Omar (Karim Boubakdi). But ,when they decided to return to Morocco,they had a lot of problems especially in school. Salima and Omar couldn’t speak Arabic, and they didn’t know the Moroccan traditions. They ,therefore, faced many social problems in their country.

*********“I am Sorry Father” will definitely provide you with a scream.The film sends a message against brain drain and its negative effects.

NB: The names might be imaginary!

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    the highest temperature in their contry is 55C and the lrighest temperature in our contry is their contry,fogonly accurs in last week of january,not foggy.we in morocco we have fogin february.
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    Whenever we talk about education in Morocco, we always evoke its problems. In other word, the education in our country is weak compared with some other countries. So, in this text we will see some education problems and its causes in Morocco.

    Firstly, the weakness of the ministry’s budget of the education in Morocco is one of the problems.The budget of education does not have enough money to restore the school and its materials, and build enough schools in some places in Morocco where we don’t have any one. All of this contributes to the destruction of education.

    Secondly, lack of interest of students about their study is the second problem which makes the education level so weak. As an example,they don’t take care of their lessons.The majority of them rely on cheating, thinking of emigration to Europe, and they listen to the stereotypes which say that the school is just a place for wasting time. Consequently, the students will not be able to cope with the courses then they consider leaving school as a solution.

    In the end, education in Morocco suffers from a lot of problems. So, I think that we cannot put the blame only on the ministry of education. But every one is responsible for all what happens to education in our country

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    Fanny Retamar

  14. **********Values are the most important things in our life . Ithink we can’t imagine life without values .In this essay i will speak about the importance of values like tolerance,cooperationand solidarities.

    ********** Firstly,tolerance means accepting others with their differences.Also, tolerance is a way to live in peace .But if we don’t have it we can live in conflits and war like Palestine and Iraq.Morover, when you tolerate a person that makes you logical and self-controlled in your activities . Consequently, tolerance leads to social justice.

    ********* Secondly,cooperation is a way to make our country succeed. For example,when student cooperate in class they will exchange ideas with each other. But if they don’t cooperate and everyone keeps his ideas to himself,they will not go to the best. Besides, cooperation is important to make our country strong and succeed.

    **********Finally, values are important for us in our life. Because they give us a chance to live in a comfortable life and peace.

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    Mohamed Ahmed’s father

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