Functions with Modal verbs.

December 25, 2011

Before you do this exercise on the different functions that are expressed by modal verbs,you’d better download a chart on mdals here:

What does each of the sentences below express ?
1-    “tomorrow,I may have a party with my friends” ………
2-    “Last night I invited my friend to lunch,but Petter was absent.He might have gone to the cinema” …………………………….
3-    “Next week,You will have a test in grammar” ……………
4-    “could you possibly give me your copybook,I have to copy a lesson”. a- ……………………………       b-…………………………………
5-    “Every student must have a book and a dictionary” ………
6-    “Last week Jamila had to be absent because she was repairing her bicycle” ……………………
7-    “Would you allow me to get out for a while, teacher?” ………
8-    “may I open this window?” …………………………………………………
9-    “Last year I never revised my lessons.It was a shame.

I should have taken care of my lessons” …………
10-    “all of you should respect your teachers and parents” …………
11-    “you should have visited your friend when he had a celebration” …………
12-    “Rashid always get excellent grades in English.

She must speak it very well” ……………
13-    “David had the first mark in his school last year.

He must have prepared for the exam well” …………
14-    “tomorrow,the weather might/may/could/can rain” ……………
15-    “Rashid was absent yesterday,he could have had a problem with the administration” ……………
16-    “shall we play another game?” ………………
17-    “Meriam can speak seven languages” ……………
18-    “When I was at university, I could read a lot of pages in one day” …………………………………
19-     “Are you able to swim?”………………………….”Yes I am able to swim” ……………………………………
20-    “In yesterday’s match Messi was able to score two goals” ………………………………………..………
21-    “ I must revise my lessons” ………………

If you think that this exercise may help you,take it here modals exercises2012

This is the answer to this exercise: modals exercises with answers 2012

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November 1, 2011

These are some vocabulary exercises related to collocations. A collocation generally refers to two or more words that often appear together.

For example: the world war – humanitarian organization – to have a break – to pass an exam – young people – global issues…..Having chunks of words like this and using them in your own meaningful sentences is one of the best ways to remember vocabulary. So whenever you are reading a text, try to underline collocations and use them later in sentences of your own.

                   Link a word from [A] with a word from [B] to make collocations:

Word A.

Word B.

       a- Youth
b- Human







           Now use the collocations you have formed in the sentences below:

                 a-  Our society should give more attention to …………………………..………………………………… such as  education and employment.

  b-   Young people have an important role to play in ……………………………..……………………………;they can for example do valuable things in associations, politics.

                c-  Most young people have …………………………………………………….; they want only to make their conditions and their society better. What they dream of is really manageable.

 d-   During the last ten years, women have become very………………………….…………………………. In our country. They are now working in many different domains that used to be dominated by men in the past.

Download the answers here:answer to the collocations exercises.

Hypothesising and regret

November 1, 2011

               These are some exercises related to conditionals and unreal wishes. Before you have a look at the changes, you should first see this lesson here:

1-     Put the verbs between brackets in the correct tense:

        a-   David and his friends (go) went on an excursion last weekend. However, when they arrived in the mountain, it started to rain. They wish they (not/go) hadn’t gone to the mountains.

b-    Many young people these days (have) have a difficulty in finding a job because of the global financial crisis. If only every graduate (can/find) could find a job.

c-     If Gaddafi (be) was/were alive now, the war would still continue in Lybia.

2-     Rewrite these sentences as indicated:

      a-    Barça has professional players. They win almost every match. (present reality).

*** If Barça didn’t have professional players, they wouldn’t win every match. (conditional2)

     b-     Messi is a famous player because he plays in the Spanish championship.(present reality)

                     ***Messi wouldn’t be famous if he didn’t play (wasn’t playing) in the Spanish

Championship. ( conditional2).

    c-    Hajji was not well ;that’s why he didn’t play in the last match against zimbia.(past reality)

If Hajji had been well, he would have played in the last match…( conditional3)

   d-      So many African children live in poverty. (present reality)

***We wish African children were living in good conditions/weren’t living in poverty. (expressing regret about a present reality)

























Young people’s roles in their community.

October 23, 2011

Go to this page and double click on the page to share your ideas about how you can contribute to the development of your community.We will use the ideas later for writing an essay.


March 17, 2011

Quiz Number1: Grammar-Functions-Vocabulary. The correction.

1- Rewrite these sentences using the given words : -6 points-

a- Professionals can’t find appealing jobs.They leave their country. (since).

Professionals leave their country since they can’t find jobs.

b- Women work incredibly hard. They have got more rights in our society. (for
this reason)

Women work incredibly hard; for this reason, they have got more rights in our country.

c- We all have to work hard. We want to protect our society. (as).

We all have to work hard as we want to protect our society.

All the above sentences express cause and effect.

2- Match each sentence with the function it expresses. -6points-



1-I am not sure if the issue of global warming will
continue in the future. –g–

2-As far as I am concerned, the condition of women
will improve soon. –d–

3-I am sorry to say that you pollute your classroom
because you throw in a lot of rubbish. –f–

government should provide more jobs in order to
limiting the emigration of scientists.-i-

5-I strongly agree that English is the most powerful
language in the world. –e–

6- Due to his hard work, Tahar Benjelloun has become a
famous writer.—j–











3-Use the following phrasal verbs in the sentences below: fill in – apply for – stands for – bring about- turn down- look after – makes up- looking forward to. -5 points-

a- FBI stands for Federal Bureau of Investigation.

b- The new social site such as facebook will bring about important
changes in many places.

c- Fill in the gaps in this exercise.

d- My friend is visiting me next week. I am looking forward to his arrival.

e- Jamal proposed to his friends to go on an excursion, but, they turned his proposal down. ( you can split a phrasal verb by an object : verb + object + particle)

4- Report these statements- Try not to use the verb “said”: -3 points-

a- “ Every classroom should be connected with the internet.” ,said the headmaster .

**The headmaster said that every classroom should be connected with the internet.

b- “You really should work harder to get good grades in the exam”,said my teacher of English.

**My teacher of English advised us to work harder to get good grades in the exam.

c- “Every students should write his name on the top of the exam paper” Says the
teacher right NOW.

**The teacher says that every student should write his name on the top of the exam paper.

Download the quiz here: quiz number1 term2:language.

here's khabab

Expressing cause-effect

February 18, 2011

This paragraph is completely based on ideas from your own essays about the illiteracy of women.

********Many Moroccan women suffer from illiteracy for many reasons. First, some women are illiterate because (as – since) they couldn’t join schools when they were young. Other women suffer from illiteracy since schools are far from their houses. Moreover,some parents are poor; consequently, (as a result- therefore-hence – then- so – as a consequence-) they can’t afford to send their daughters to school. As a result, they are ignorant.Because (since-as)many women in Morocco are ignorant, they can’t have jobs or take other responsibilities outside their homes. The illiteracy of women is also due to (the result of/the effect of/the consequence of) some social stereotypes.For example; some parents think that sending their daughters to school may give some people a wrong image about their personality. Since universities are far from many places, some girls just decide to stop their education immediately after their baccalaureate. For this reason, many of them are unemployed as they haven’t got any professional diploma. The illiteracy of women results in (leads to – causes – is the cause of) many social problems. The kids will not do well at school since their mothers can’t help them with their school work. A high rate of divorce is also a result of the illiteracy of women. This is because an illiterate woman can’t solve her problems within her family.

1- Expressions that are followed by “reason”/”cause”:

Notice that an expression of “reason” is ALWAYS followed by a “reason/cause”.

**1**Some of the expressions of “reason” are followed by :


**2**Other expressions of “reason” are followed by:

a NOUN/expression WITHOUT A VERB.

**A** expressions of reason that are followed by a sentence are:SUBJECT + VERB +…….

EFFECT : subject + verb+…: many scientists emigrate
Expression of   « reason » 

  • As
  • Because
  • since


Reason :Subject+verb+…: they can’t find jobs in their homecountries.


1*Many Moroccan women are illiterate since/because/as schools were far from their houses.

2*Professionals emigrate from their countries to Canada since/as/because they can’t find interesting jobs.

**B**Expressions of “reason” that are followed by: a NOUN/EXPRESSION-NO VERB-

EFFECT : subject + verb+… : many scientists emigrate

Expression of   « reason »

  • Due to
  • Owing to
  • Because of
  • As a result of
  • As a consequence of


REASON :  Noun/Expression. : unemployment.(noun/no verb here)


1*The illiteracy of women is due to the poverty of parents.


2-*Some women are illiterate because the parents ARE poor.

3*A lot of students leave school because of family problems.


A lot of students leave school because/as/since they have family problems.

4*Ilyass has got 19/20 in English as a result of his hard work.


Ilyass has got 19/20 in English because/as/since he works hard.

IMPORTANT. Notice that you can start HERE with the cause or with the effect.NO PROBLEM if you start from the end but you have to make some small changes in the sentences.


*1*since/because/as schools were far from their houses, many Moroccan women are illiterate.

*2* since/as/because they can’t find interesting jobs, Professionals emigrate from their countries to Canada.

*3* due to the poverty of parents,Some women are illiterate.

*4* because of family problems, a lot of students leave school.


A- Expressions of “effect” that are followed by: SUBJECT + VERB+….

REASON : SUBJECT + VERB+…… : NGOs are working hard,

Expression of   « EFFECT »

  • as a result,
  • as a consequence,
  • consequently,
  • therefore,
  • hence,
  • so,
  • then,
  • thus,
  • as an effect,
  • for this reason,

EFFECT : SUBJECT + VERB+…… : our community has become better.


1- Many third world countries suffer from unemployment;as a result/as an effect/as a consequence/then/therefore/hence /so/thus,professionals emigrate to Europe.

2- Many mothers are illiterate, therefore/so/then/as a consequence/for this reason…, children don’t do well at school.

3-Rashid didn’t revise his lessons; consequently/therefore/hence…,he failed in the exam.

Notice that these expressions must always be in the middle of the sentence between the REASON and THE EFFECT: ( reasons + expression of effect + effect)

B- Expressions of “effect” that are followed by a NOUN PHRASE:

NOTICE THAT THESE ARE “VERBS” Examples: lead to – result in – gives – produces.

1- Unemployment leads to emigration.

2- Pollution causes many health problems.

3- Hard work results in success.

4- Illiteracy gives many social problems.

the “reading comprehension” quiz:”facebook”.

January 9, 2011

The correction of the Reading Comprehension quiz.

Sciences streams.

What’s your status?  What are you thinking about?  What are you doing right now?  These are some of the questions that are at the top of the home page on many social networking sites.

If you use these sites correctly, you would write what you are doing, or an event that just occurred in your life that you want to converse with others about.  It is friendly, and no one should have any objections to what you have written.  Many people use these sites, such as facebook or twitter to keep track of what their friends are doing throughout the day.  Offices use them as quick ways to get information to employees and feedback as well.

They are great tools for locating old friends.  I am amazed at the old friends that I communicate with on a daily basis through facebook.  People I have not spoken to in 20-30 years.  Many of these people I was not even that close to while in grade school or high school but now we are because our lives have traveled the same routes.  If it were not for these social networking tools, we would not know what one another was up to.  Now we do.Families who live a great distance from one another, may now share in each others’ joys and sorrows in the blink of an eye.  Photos can be posted, so no one ever feels as though they have truly missed out anyone.  It is a wonderful way to stay connected.   We have been planning my high school reunion through social networking.  It has been much easier than the last reunion which was done without such tools.

Another point I must make is that when posting anything on the internet, remember that it is permanent.  You may delete it on your pages, but somewhere, someone can get a hold of it.  So if you have drunken pictures of you kissing your boss on your social site, they are going to haunt you forever.  Be careful.  Remember that it is a public website, not your private photo album or your diary.Prospective employers will google your name and all of this may show up.You find a great partner and he or she may see your past on the internet and keep walking.


1-Provide a relevant title for this text: social networking sites 2pts.

2-Answer these questions in your own words:

a- List four important uses of social site. 3pts.

*You can use these sites to say what you are doing at the moment. *They can be used to say to your friends/relatives something important that has just occurred in your life.*The can be used simply toconverse/speak and communicate with your friends/relatives.*They are great for finding and communicating with old friends.*They can be used to plan meetings and other events.*They can be used to share whatever you like with your friends including pictures and videos.

b- What is dangerous about using facebook?2pts

What is dangerous about using social networking websites is that someone may get hold of your materials (photos….) and use them badly. Another thing is that whatever you publish on these sites cannot be taken away again. You may delete your photos for example but they will still remain there in another site. So your future employer or partner may get a look at them and refrain from interacting with you anymore.

3-These sentences are false. Correct them. 4 pts.

a- People can’t use facebook in a bad way. False because the writer says: “If you use these sites correctly”.This means that there are bad ways in which these sites can be used. The writer, also, says that your photos which you post on these sites will always “haunt you”.

b- You can’t find your old friends with twitter. False because the writer says:” “They are great tools for locating old friends”

4- Complete these sentences with ideas from text. 4 pts.

a- When delete your photos on the internet, they will always be there because someone may already have taken them to his computer or to another site or blog, and you can’t delete them there anymore.

b- Your future partner (wife/husband) may leave you if he/she discovers that you have a bad past from the materials on the internet. He/she may ,for example, discover your past photos in which you are “kissing your boss”.

5- Find in the text word/expression meaning almost the same as:2

a- to speak: to converse -P2- b- to follow: to keep track of -P2-

6- Find in the text a collocation and use it in the following

sentence. 1pt.

Many people use social networking sites / social sites negatively. They, for example, target young people with immoral materials.

7- what is the purpose of writing this article? 2pts

The purpose of this text is to show that social networking sites can be used mostly in good ways. But one has to be careful because they can also be used negatively.

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